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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the shed delivered on a tow truck or how is this done? Our sheds are professionally assembled on your site.
  2. We found that all Amish shed companies require the installation of a gravel foundation. Does your company require the same?  Due to the fact that our sheds are BUILT ON SITE there is NO REASON for a gravel foundation. The Amish use a gravel foundation due to the fact that the sheds are being delivered  assembled, therefore leveling underneath the shed is nearly impossible. We level every 4' before the floor plywood is installed.  Our Basic Model sheds are leveled off of pressure treated 2x4's and  the Deluxe Model sheds are leveled off 1 1/2 patio blocks.
  3. How long will the shed construction take? Typically most construction is done in one to two days depending on the size and options in the building.
  4. How long will it take before you can start on my project?  The typical waiting time period is usually about 2-3 weeks depending on time of season. Time may vary more or less.
  5. Will I have a warranty with my backyard building?  A one year warranty on defective material and craftsmanship is active upon date of completion.
  6. We would like the shed to identically match my house can you do that?   We purchase our shingles and siding from Delawares largest siding and roofing distributor. We can identically match to any colors of your house.
  7. What are the site requirements? Set backs and ground preparation are determined by your county or town based on the size of the building chose. We require a minimum of 2ft clearance around the building in order for us to work properly. A minimum of 4ft is required if your shed is 12ft wide or more. A 2ft clearance must be allowed overhead for shingle installation. 
  8. Is there going to be an on-site inspection?  NO, we do not come out until the day of the shed installation.
  9. If we must carry more than 125 ft. to where shed is being installed, there will be an additional carrying fee that varies depending on the size of the building.
  10. Leveling is free under 8". An additional fee will then be charged in order to complete the building. Prices varies on the size of the building.
  11. Delivery is free up to 15 miles from our shop, the additional miles are an extra fee. Fees vary on the distance. We are located in Newark, Delaware.

We will match or beat any reasonable licensed and insured contractors price.