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Here at Marshall Construction we offer services for all your roofing needs.  We work with all major manufactures in the roofing industry. We specialize in residential asphalt roofs. Most roofs are completed with 30 year/ Lifetime shingles, felt paper, ice and water shield and a ridge vent on each tear. All roofs are completed at a reasonable price and time.  Most services are completed in just one to days.

Some of the services we offer include New Roofing, Overlay and Stripping, Re-Sheathing, Gutters, Soffit, and Fascia.

New Roofs - Some of the common symptoms that indicate it may be time for you to get a new roof include Blistering, Curling, Rotting, Damaged Flashing, Buckling, Missing Shingles and Alge Growth.

Stripping - Benefits of stripping the roof to the deck includes verification that the roof decking is still good, ability to repair or replace the deck if there is rot, and a smoother, nicer looking roof that is not overlaid over another.

Re-Sheathing - The ability for roof sheathing to stay in place during a windstorm or other inclement weather is most important.  It’s this connection that may fail during a hurricane or tornado, which causes water to enter the house while increasing damage to the structure of the home - both inside and out.  If roof sheathing is torn off, the trusses may lose their strength and increase the likelihood of a collapse.

Gutters, Soffit and fascia - All three of these go hand-in-hand. Typically when new gutters are being installed it is important to have the fascia (which they are attached to) and your homes soffit inspected to ensure the wood is not water damaged and vulnerable.

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